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Vixen Telescope Focal Reducer for F7.7 ED

Vixen Telescope Focal Reducer for F7.7 ED

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For photography of nebula or star clusters

This reducer is designed to shorten the effective focal length. This allows shorter exposure times and a wider field of view for astrophotographers. Since you can obtain a wide field of view, it becomes easier to capture nebulae and star clusters that have spread.

Reduce the focal length (0.67x) and make F-ratio fast. It also has the effect of reducing the aberration near the edge of imaging field.


Usable on ED81S, ED81S II, ED103S, ED115S
Lens coating Fully multicoated
Prime focus photography Wide photo adapter 60mm and T-ring are needed separately
F-ratio ED81S / 625mm(F7.7)→419mm(F5.2), ED81S II / 625mm(F7.7)→419mm(F5.2), ED103S / 795mm(F7.7)→533mm(F5.2), ED115S / 890mm(F7.7)→596mm(F5.2)
Weight 174g


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CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)

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