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Telrad - Reflex Sight w/Mounting Base - 1001

Telrad - Reflex Sight w/Mounting Base - 1001

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The legendary Telrad was designed by Stephen Kufeld who in the late 1970's, designed an innovative new "finder scope". Inspired by vintage bombsights and a love for astronomy, his new device was based on reflex technology and the result was the Telrad Reflex Sight. The Telrad is not only the original, but became the standard in heads up display finders for all types of telescopes, including large telescopes in research observatories.

The Telrad mounts to almost any telescope and when turned on, it projects deep red concentric circles (4 degrees, 2 degrees, and one-half degree in diameter) against a tilted glass that you look straight through. The result is that when you are looking at the stars through the Telrad you see the circles as if they are projected on the sky, which makes finding objects with your telescope amazingly easy.

Once the Telrad is mounted on your telescope, collimating knobs at the back of the Telrad allow you to adjust the finder with your telescope optics. The on/off switch and continuously adjustable brightness control sets the Telrad's target reticle to the perfect brightness for your observing session.

The sight attaches to the telescope tube using a mounting base with a block configuration. The unit easily separates from the mounting base and extra bases are available for use with more than one telescope.

The Telrad uses two 1.5V AA batteries (not included), which will give extraordinary long life. Rugged and built to last for many years, the Telrad is 8" long x 5" high and weighs 11 oz.


Some of the advantages of the Telrad Reflex Sight are:

  • Correct real sky view.
  • No magnification. You can keep both eyes open when using the Telrad.
  • No parallax. Three collimation screws tilt the illuminated reticle to center with the telescope optics.
  • Illuminated & graduated reticle image that corresponds with many star maps and sky software.
  • Extraordinary eye relief.
  • Includes mounting base.


Here is an informative video on the Telrad Reflex Sight from Learn Astronomy HQ:

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