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Optiques Fullum Folded Newtonian 40" f/3.5

Optiques Fullum Folded Newtonian 40" f/3.5

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The Fullum 40-inch Folded Newtonian will open vistas of deep sky objects to you that are impossible for telescopes of smaller aperture to achieve. Features normally invisible in bright and dark nebular structure can be endlessly explored. Under dark skies, the colors of the Orion Nebula are easily detected. 

Upon ordering we can adjust the focal length of the primary mirror to best suit your needs (both for your physical height to the eyepiece and/or desired image scale), but at f3.5 the focal length is 3556 mm. When used with the Explore Scientific 30mm 100° Series eyepiece it yields 118.5X with a true field of view of a little over 48 arc minutes (easily fitting in the full moon) with ample eye relief.

As these are custom-made systems, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Final price can vary depending on your custom requirements.
The price does not include crating and shipping.




Optical design Newtonian reflector
Objective diameter 1016 mm
Focal length 3556 mm
Focal ratio f/3.5
Resolving power 0.11 arc second
Stellar limiting magnitude 17.73
Max. magnification 2540 x (theoretical)
Light gathering power 21,066 times the human eye

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)

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